Welcome to Kunshan Sochi Electronics Co., Ltd Solution for PCB Equipment&Consumable Parts

Kunshan Penas Mechanical &Electrical Equipment Co, Ltd. is opening today!


         A thousand miles away begins with the first step, welcome the opening ceremony of Kunshan Sochi Electronics' wholly-owned subsidiary ~ (Kunshan Penas Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.), in this beautiful and auspicious day, Penas Company is officially opening!


                                     The picture above shows the cannon fire at 8:18 auspicious hour on October 10, 2021.


                                     The picture above shows the guests signing in as a souvenir.


                                     At 10:18, under the witness of friends from all walks of life, the unveiling ceremony of Penas officially started.


                                    After the exciting moment is over, the host invites guests and friends to visit the factory and enjoy the coffee break carefully prepared by Penas for everyone.



                                     Invite our guests to have a meal at the hotel at 12 noon.


              After the lively and peaceful lunch, again thank friends from all walks of life for your presence and guidance. We will live up to expectations, fulfill our mission, and repay our customers and society with high-quality services.

Parent company background: Kunshan Suchi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented company specializing in the production and sales of PCB equipment accessories for various processes. The company was established in November 2017. After 4 years, Sochi has won hundreds of customers all over the world, more than 20 countries, and the scope of services is still continuing to expand. Due to the increase in business volume and foundry business, Sochi Electronics' original production capacity can no longer meet customer needs, so we established Kunshan Penas Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Subsidiary introduction: Kunshan Penas Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. currently has 4 CNC machining centers, 3 lathes, 1 drilling and tapping center, and several other testing equipment. The company's current main business scope is R&D, production, design, customized PCB, SMT, medical and other industries equipment accessories consumables, strict quality control, efficient and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, and help cooperative customers to save costs and stabilize production! Let us work together to create success!

The main products of Kunshan Suchi Electronics are as follows:

1. Equipment: PCB drilling machine, PCB routing machine, X-ray inspection machine, V-cut machine, etc.;

2. Accessories and consumables: Mitsubishi/Hitachi laser drilling machine accessories, Hitachi HITACHI\Germany SCHMOLL\Taiwan Dongtai TONGTAI\Taiwan 


VEGA\Hangchen\Xingweike\Dali\Dongxing\Tianma\Qianghua and other major PCB CNC drilling machine/forming machine inspection series accessories: 

focusing mirror, scanning mirror, laser head, XYZ axis motor, PR mirror, MCU substrate, IO card, RU4B servo card, Tuma card, M22 servo board, presser foot cup, 

manipulator, broken tool detection board, optical fiber, sensor, amplifier, tool tester, cylinder, chuck, tool holder, tool tray, Pressure foot gasket, test tube 

cleaning brush, hair brush, rubber roller, grinding brush, filter element, chuck wrench, vacuum pipe joint, pin, lubricating grease, bakelite;

3. Customized service of precision parts and non-standard products processing; equipment repair and maintenance, spindle repair and maintenance, etc.

I believe that our team will help each other to make the company stronger and stronger.

At the same time, please believe that Kunshan Suchi Electronics will always be the best partner worthy of your trust! Thank you for choosing to trust us!