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Hot Summer, to a "cool"


Summer is unforgettable for everyone. In the summer, we will willingly submit to its heat. Each of us is working hard for cherish our time.

As all people says that the Star does not ask the wayfarer, the time has not lost the heart person. Efforts will be rewarded. The foreign sales department girls got big orders after moving to the new office. At the same time they invited all of us to drink milk teas. Is it "cool" in the hot summer?

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The main products of Kunshan Suchi Electronics are as follows:

1. Equipment: PCB drilling machine, PCB routing machine, X-ray inspection machine, V-cut machine, etc.;

2. Accessories and consumables: Mitsubishi/Hitachi laser drilling machine accessories, Hitachi HITACHI\Germany SCHMOLL\Taiwan Dongtai TONGTAI\Taiwan TALIANG\ANDERSORN Taiwan Ende\Taiwan Takizawa\Germany POSALUX\USA EXCELLON\PLURITEC\Hanzu HANS\Vega VEGA\Hangchen\Xingweike\Dali\Dongxing\Tianma\Qianghua and other major PCB CNC drilling machine/forming machine inspection series accessories: focusing mirror, scanning mirror, laser head, XYZ axis motor, PR mirror, MCU substrate, IO card, RU4B servo card, Tuma card, M22 servo board, presser foot cup, manipulator, broken tool detection board, optical fiber, sensor, amplifier, tool tester, cylinder, chuck, tool holder, tool tray, Pressure foot gasket, test tube cleaning brush, hair brush, rubber roller, grinding brush, filter element, chuck wrench, vacuum pipe joint, pin, lubricating grease, bakelite;

3. Customized service of precision parts and non-standard products processing; equipment repair and maintenance, spindle

repair and maintenance, etc.

I believe that our team will help each other to make the company stronger and stronger.

At the same time, please believe that Kunshan Suchi Electronics will always be the best partner worthy of your trust! Thank you for choosing to trust us!

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