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Tour of Yunnan Province


In order to better stimulate employees' passion for work, establish the awareness of active communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation, and win in the team among employees, and enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees. Starting from June 10, a 6-day and 5-night trip to Yunnan was carried out.

Yunnan seems to be favored by God, with its unique literary and mysterious atmosphere, and is regarded by many as a must-visit place in a lifetime. With a twist of wind, flowers, snow and moon, listening to the Cangshan and Erhai Lake, and stepping on the ancient tea-horse road, there are almost all of China's most beautiful and mysterious scenery.

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We set off from Kunshan, which is only 3 meters above sea level, to more than 3,200 meters above sea level, to the long-awaited Yunnan, it is really so-called big ups and downs! Overlooking the Cangshan and Erhai Lake in Dali, overlooking the picturesque Lijiang, feeling the ancient city of Dali and Lijiang, seeing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance, enjoying the ethnic customs of a foreign country, experiencing the ancient tea-horse road, and seeing the ancient town of Xizhou and Shuhe In the ancient town, I admired the net red flower language ranch...

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In Yunnan, we saw one of the "Eighteen Monsters of Yunnan" raining in the east and sun in the west, admiring the blue sky thick enough to reach the clouds and turquoise lakes, and feeling the rich customs and unique customs of ethnic minorities. Only then did I know what is meant by "the sky is beyond the sky", and realized that the Yunnan Eighteen Weirds are well-deserved.

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Dali is mainly Bai nationality, the male is called A Peng brother, the female is called Jinhua. In Dali, Fenghuaxueyue is particularly famous: the wind at Xiaguan, the flowers at Shangguan, the snow at Cangshan, and the moon at Erhai Lake are all very distinctive. There are many alleys in the ancient city of Dali, horizontal and vertical, with a reasonable layout. Experienced a local bonfire party, wearing local folk costumes, dancing in the rain.

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Lijiang is mainly from the Naxi ethnic group. The males are called Pangjinge and the females are called Pangjinmei.

The famous Yulong Snow Mountain is more than 5,000 meters height. Due to its high altitude and low oxygen, altitude sickness is prone to occur. It is difficult for us to climb the mountain. Fortunately, we have 3 “warriors” who have successfully climbed to the top, saw the magnificent snow-capped mountains, and made a wish in front of the snow-capped mountains.

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The anceint town of Lijiang has a strong commercial atmosphere, but the flowers and plants there are really refreshing, especially the succulents grow particularly well. The culture and history of the Ancient Tea Horse Road is perhaps the most tragic history in northwestern Yunnan, China. In Lashihai Wetland Park, we rode through the Tea Horse Road and experienced how difficult it is. The ancient town of Shuhe has an ancient atmosphere. The spring water flows at the door of every house, just like the scene of people with small bridges and flowing water. The spring water is crystal clear, the stone road is smooth and oily, and the scenery is intoxicating.

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This 6 days and 5 nights trip to Yunnan not only broadened our horizons, but also helped us understand a lot of local customs and habits. It benefited people a lot and let us know how important money is. Go wherever you want, let us work together and embrace the beautiful together! Caiyunzhinan really deserves to be known for its beauty, fertility and magic.

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The tour organized by Kunshan Suchi Electronics finally ended successfully. Everyone was very happy, and at the same time was mixed with the fatigue of many days. Everyone is very grateful for the team's care and help along the way, and thank the company for the food, lodging and transportation arranged by the company.

Everyone is sincerely grateful for the company's dedication, and at the same time, everyone is more passionate about life and work, and will be more passionate and energetic in our PCB industry.


The main products of Kunshan Suchi Electronics are as follows:

1. Equipment: PCB drilling machine, PCB routing machine, X-ray inspection machine, V-cut machine, etc.;

2. Accessories and consumables: Mitsubishi/Hitachi laser drilling machine accessories, Hitachi HITACHI\Germany SCHMOLL\Taiwan Dongtai TONGTAI\Taiwan TALIANG\ANDERSORN Taiwan Ende\Taiwan Takizawa\Germany POSALUX\USA EXCELLON\PLURITEC\Hanzu HANS\Vega VEGA\Hangchen\Xingweike\Dali\Dongxing\Tianma\Qianghua and other major PCB CNC drilling machine/forming machine inspection series accessories: focusing mirror, scanning mirror, laser head, XYZ axis motor, PR mirror, MCU substrate, IO card, RU4B servo card, Tuma card, M22 servo board, presser foot cup, manipulator, broken tool detection board, optical fiber, sensor, amplifier, tool tester, cylinder, chuck, tool holder, tool tray, Pressure foot gasket, test tube cleaning brush, hair brush, rubber roller, grinding brush, filter element, chuck wrench, vacuum pipe joint, pin, lubricating grease, bakelite;

3. Customized service of precision parts and non-standard products processing; equipment repair and maintenance, spindle repair and maintenance, etc.


The production and quality control of the team are like all the arrangements in our tour, everything is in order and efficient cooperation.


I believe that our team will help each other to make the company stronger and stronger.

At the same time, please believe that Kunshan Suchi Electronics will always be the best partner worthy of your trust! Thank you for choosing to trust us!